Friday, November 18, 2016

Monster Stuffies Workshop

This workshop is going to be so much fun!
I love making this silly little monster dolls and
I think you will too!
In this workshop we will be making patterns,
sewing monsters dolls, stuffing,
painting, and adding little details to create
this cute and creepy little monsters.
We will be completing 4 dolls in this workshop
and I'm sure it will spark a whole group of
creative little creatures.
keep in mind this is a doll making workshop not
a "learn to sew" workshop.
I will not be teaching how to use your machine.
There is no complicated sewing but you will need to know
the basics of how to use a machine.
If you do not have a sewing machine these dolls can be made
with a needle and thread and some patience. I will do a quick
stitching tutorial for those that are hand sewing their monsters.
Workshop fee is $65

workshop fee $65

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