Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beach Trip

FINALLY! I can load these photos. I've tried more times than I can count & kept getting an error!

we spent a week at the Oregon Coast in July. The hubbie & I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. We had all the kids with us, my aunt Sydnee & 3 of her kids. My son Tyler brought his best friend John and the last couple days Sydnee's husband drove down also. It was so much fun & we look forward to this trip every year. My family has a beach house in Rockaway that my uncle shares with all of us. We all reserve our time & it is our favorite place to visit.

We scrapbooked in the kitchen together, played on the beach, went fishing & crabbing, train ride, candy store, bayfront bakery, Garibaldi days festival & tons more!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to school sale

I'm so overwhelmed right now! I'm freaking out a bit because the kiddos start school in a little over a week & I'm not ready at all. I don't know where the summer went. I know I'm in the same boat as most people but......being broke really sucks! The thought of taking all four kids out shopping is putting me in the nut house today! LOL! So....I'm having a big sale in my etsy shop for my "SCHOOL CLOTHES & SUPPLIES FUND" just use coupon code backtoschool at checkout and get 40% off any order over $30! Isn't that awesome? :) Awesome art for you & shoes for my kids :) checkout my etsy shop @ I have canvas paintings, mini art, aceo's, digi stamps & more. I'm also having a digi stamp sale on my digi blog Buy 3 get one free! You just send me an email with your freebie selections at

Here are some photos of some of the available art in my shop:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

just wanted to post a little update. I haven't fallen off the planet. I'm still here & all is good. Had a great vacation at the coast with my kiddos & hubbie as well as my BFF untie Sydnee & her kids. I've been trying to post photos & updates on here for weeks & keep getting an error. I'm not giving up but looks like there is maybe something wrong with blogger photo uploads. I will keep on trying :)