Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Girl mini scrapbook

I just finished this little mini scrapbook & I thought I would share :)
It measures 4x4 and each of the photo mats measure 31/2x31/2. I think it turned out really sweet. I'm going to list it in my etsy shop if anyone is interested in it. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mamma & Baby Fuzzy monsters painting

It's after 2am & I'm dead tired but I just finished this new painting & wanted to share....It measures 16x20 on stretched canvas. I think it turned out sweet. A couple cute fuzzy monsters. I just finished putting the video together & posted to youtube so check it out :)
If anyone is interested in the painting just let me know. I have it listed in my etsy shop.
If you would like to purchase this or any other artwork just send me over a message. I'm happy to pull items from my shop for you :) XOXO -Megan

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Her name is Friday

just finished a new painting. Her name is Friday & She has BIG blue eyes and tons of hair :)It's a larger canvas than I usually do. It measures 18x24. I'm really pleased with the way she turned out. She is up for grabs if anyone is interested. I will be listing her on etsy soon but you can message me if you would like her & I can get you all the details.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 fuzzy monsters painting

I've been working on this new painting forever it seems like. I get stuck with it so I put it aside & then pick it back up again. This has been going on for weeks now. I think it's really cute but trying to get the monsters fuzzy looking was really kicking my butt!
I woke up this morning feeling very determined to have it finished today! So I sat down & started painting. About 5 minutes into it I bumped it totally off my desk. Of course it had to land on a big heavy scrapbook I had leaning next to my desk on the floor. It hit the corner of it & punched a nice hole right through it. I couldn't believe it! Are you frickin kidding me or what?!?!?! After a couple hours of frustration & freaking out I pulled out a scrap of canvas & my gel medium & patched it from the back. I let it dry & filled in the seam on the front with paint. I just went over that spot really well with the paint & blended it all in. You can even see it now! I can't believe it! I was ready to rip it off the frame & maybe sew it into a bag. I'm glad I didn't start shredding it because the patch worked really well. I finished it all up & now I can go to bed tonite feeling like I really accomplished something big today :)
The three monsters painting is now available so let me know if you are interested. I'm accepting offers so just let me know what you think. The painting measures 18x24 on stretched canvas. the sides are staple free and painted black.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

so much has been going on in my life lately I've not been able to update here.
I'm so excited to finally have my digital stamp blog all put together. It's up & running smoothly & I'm so happy. I've been working hard to get samples made & posted so you can get some ideas of the fun things you can make with the stamps. My goal is to have fun finished projects next to each image. It may take me awhile but I will get there :) I also have the stamp club up & running. This is week #3 and more & more people have joined. So if you don't already know about it...check out the digi blog ( and read up on all the details & check out the new images :)
I've been painting up a storm also! I've been trying to post new paintings every week so there is always something fresh & new in my etsy store. I've done several new pieces this last week in several different sizes. I've been working on some new canvas I purchased at the Scrap Shack & I LOOOOOVE them! I don't know what it is about a different size or shape than I normally use but it gets my juices flowing again :)
I'm also putting together prints of my paintings. They will be available in several different sizes including............ACEO'S!!! Hurray!! I've had lots of requests for these & I'm excited to be finally doing it. My problem is I have too many things I want to do & never enough hours in the day to actually put it together. So every week I've set goals for myself to finish one of those projects I've been putting off for so long. I will have them all listed in my etsy shop within the next day or two :)
what else...what else...I know there was more I wante to post but I've gone blank! LOL! If it comes back to me I will jump back on here later today! Happy Wednesday everyone!!! -Megan

Monday, May 2, 2011

silly dilly stamp club

the digi stamp club is now open! I'm so excited about the stamp club & free digi's. Check out my stamp blog for all the details :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

digi stamp blog

I'm so excited to share my progress on my digi stamps! The site is now up & rolling! There are so many designs already posted & some of them have sample cards next to them. I will be adding more samples soon so you can see some of the cool things you can create with them :) There is also a gallery tab on the home page that has all of the samples listed on it. I've also added samples to my flickr gallery. I hope you will take time to pop on over to my new stamp blog @ and become a follower. I will be adding more items often so don't miss out!
Check out my flickr gallery user name dilly beans and my art facebook page Megan K. Suarez Fine Art.
Soon I will be putting together a digi club where I will be giving away a free digi stamp every week for those that subscribe! I will keep you all updated so you know how & when that will running.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!