Saturday, March 26, 2011

dr pepper, chips, pms & netflix

oooohhhh what a lazy vegetable I've been. I have the worst PMS ever so my best friends have been my constant supply of dr. pepper & a bag of chips. Sad, I know.... So, I signed up for netflix & had my son set it all up. I've done nothing but watch movies for two days. Now my head hurts & I feel totally blahhhhh...I'm just not a couch potato. I love movies & watch them often but my idea of watching movies is to have it on while I do a million other things. I mostly listen to it & glance over constantly. I must not do this another day. I'm grouchy & my paints & markers are calling to me.......fear not my sweet copics. I have not forgotten you. I will play with you all tomorrow & we will make beautiful things together. goodnight my friends

Friday, March 25, 2011

new paintings & videos

I've been busy catching up on posting all my new videos to youtube. I have 5 uploaded the last couple days & two more ready for tomorrow. Check them out :)
Here are photos of my two newest paintings. They both measure 16x20 on stretched canvas done in acrylics. I hope you like them! The Frida painting is my favorite & she is hanging in my livingroom right now.
My 4 year old daughter said the funniest thing last night about it.
Aidynn: Mom you messed up on that painting
Me: how did I do that?
Aidynn: you painted a mustache on her forehead
Me: Laughing my butt off!
So, the mustache forehead lady is my favorite painting I've done in awhile. I think I will keep this one :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

a painting passion

There are many many MANY things I love to do. Sewing, drawing, knitting, the list goes on & on. But there is one thing that feeds my soul.... Painting! As corny as is may sound...when I paint everything else in the universe fades & for that moment that my brush hits the canvas I am completely peaceful & one with my art. It isn't something I do. It is what I am. I am an artist. I may not be the best. I may not sell for tons of money. I may never be recognized in this life. But it is one thing I will not deny myself or hide away & create in a closet. I draw & paint for me & the second I said it out loud & believed it with my entire soul. I felt totally set free & it now feeds my soul. It is my oxygen. Being creative is a gift from God & I will live the rest of my life honoring that gift by letting it pour out of me. You all have an artist inside of you. I never want another person to say to me. "I don't even want to try because I just wouldn't be as good as you." You cannot draw or paint if never give yourself permission to screw up & make some really bad art. You cannot ever get better if you never allow yourself to start. So I want to encourage every person that follows my blog to say it out loud "I am an artist" & go make some crappy art that leads to art that you are really proud of. I love you all & thank you all for your comments & support even with the crappy art :) -Megan