Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone!

Had a fun time at my friend Connie's house today. Frustrating morning at home so it was awesome to escape for a little while! I attempted to attack the zetti style collage & I'm afraid to say I may just not have it in me. I really like it but my brain just wouldn't work that way :( I don't know if I should just forget about it or keep trying. Anyone have any great tips or sites to check out? I joined the zettiology group on flickr so I'm hoping to add my own creations soon. I must say....what I created today will NOT be making it to their gallery! are some chunky pages I made this week & posted to trade on Hope to trade them for some other awesome chunkies. If you make chunkies & would like to trade with me check out the site! Happy Friday!

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