Monday, January 10, 2011

new computer :)

aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww................finally........a new computer & internet again!!!
I have been without it for 21/2 months & I've been going crazy! We bought a new laptop for Christmas & just got internet hooked up the other day. Oh how I've missed it!
Christmas was so much fun with the kids. We had a fun Christmas party at my sister's house on Christmas Eve. My parents, brother & sisters & their spouses & kids were all there. We had a yummy dinner together & the kids had a blast exchanging gifts with cousins. We had all the yummy treats & desserts that you MUST have during the holidays & wrapping paper shredded all over the floor. Just like it should be :)
We had Christmas day at home with the kids. They woke us up early, of course, and we did gifts, had pancakes & sausage for breakfast & hubbie & I passed out for a much needed nap! Spend the new year at my sister's house for projects & crafting. It was a lot of fun. We don't get to spend as much time together these days so it was a nice break & had a blast laughing until I cried. Just like when we were little kids. I'm sure when we are 80 years old we will still be cracking up together!
So I've made a bunch of new cards over the holidays & I've just about got the video put together. It's a slideshow of all the cards I finished. I hope to have it posted by tomorrow eve.
Hope you all had a great holiday & new year!


  1. So good to see you back, looking forward to the video.

  2. Hi Megan, how's things ? left you a surprise on my latest blog entry...