Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ameyah the purple eyed fairy

Here is a new painting I finished last night. Or I should say this morning. I got so into it late last night. Before I knew it was 4am. My kids were all asleep. My house was quite and peaceful so I just painted. It was heavenly! I watch 3 movies back to back and totally enjoyed myself. So I hope you all like her. She has just been posted in my etsy shop and I will have prints available soon.
Hope you all have a fab Sat & Easter tomorrow. It's a beautiful blue sky day here in Oregon so I think I'm going to sit on the porch and draw this afternoon!


  1. I want to come paint with you some night. OK, well I would scribble or something... (You are SO talented!!)

  2. that would be so much fun!!! I would love to doodle with you :)

  3. You really have a great talent, I can only hope my pencil doodle's turn out 1/2 as good and that would be very hopeful lol...

    She is truely stunning....