Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new paintings

It's been a fun few days of auctions on my facebook page! I hope everyone will check it out. There has been a lot of art sold at awesome prices & it's been fun for all :) Here are my newest paintings & some of them are still available & being auctioned off right now!


  1. Megan I just have to tell I think you are such an amazing artist. I love your work. I am always so captivated by your painting. Are you self taught or did you go to an Art school? Have you always been an artist since you were young? I was just curious. You do not have to answer if my questions are to personal. Again I Love you work!!!


  2. I have literally just stumbled onto your blog, and I couldn't go any further with out commenting on your beautiful art work. I love your work. Now I am off to explore more of your gorgeous paintings!
    Kirstin x

  3. Hi there! I love some of your stuff and am wondering if your Etsy shop is just on the blink at the moment. Thanks!!