Tuesday, March 20, 2012

new paintings

It's been a very creative & productive couple days :)
Here is what I finished...


  1. love your art. have been looking at your videos on youtube for a couple of day and Im just amazed how your doing it. just wanted to leave a mark and say Thank you for the inspiration.
    best wishes from Sweden // Anna-Carin

    1. you are so sweet :) Thank you so much for the nice comment & I'm glad you are enjoying the videos. I have a great time putting them together :) -Megan

  2. I'm happy Your work is very beautiful Like it a lot I would like to be your friend

  3. Hello!

    Im from Poland and sorry for my english : )

    Your arts are so very very amazing, beautiful
    I follow You ofc <3

  4. I love your drawings and especially the eyes and hair seem precious and I prefer the skulls!. I'm learning now and see the technique you have is very good and I see it first in pencil then paint in watercolor and end point of the eye white acrylic. I appreciate if you give me some help to learn some trick. I will keep watching your videos. regards