Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make Art & Live Happy Series

I've been wanting to start up this new workshop series for so long!
I'm excited to finally make it happen.
I have had a lot of little paintings and projects in my head
that I want to share but I really didn't want to create an entire
workshop for them. I needed a way to compile these projects in
a way I could manage easily and add to as I wanted.
So I'm starting my Make Art & Live Happy Series.
Each episode is available individually. 
You can pick & choose each project episode you want to join.
And the best part is each episode is only $5 & downloadable
so you can watch them over & over and work at your own pace.
Having time with my house quiet with so many people
running around and a dog barking makes filming interesting.
So this series will be showing everything step by step
but without spoken word. I will have all supplies listed
with brands & colors so they can be duplicated exactly if you wish.
I have the first 3 episodes ready to go & I hope you all join me & 
have a blast drawing and painting with me!

Episode 1-Frida 4x6 
workshop fee $5

Episode 2- Artist Trading Cards
workshop fee $5

Episode 3-Be Mine Monster 4x6
workshop fee $5

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