Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 fuzzy monsters painting

I've been working on this new painting forever it seems like. I get stuck with it so I put it aside & then pick it back up again. This has been going on for weeks now. I think it's really cute but trying to get the monsters fuzzy looking was really kicking my butt!
I woke up this morning feeling very determined to have it finished today! So I sat down & started painting. About 5 minutes into it I bumped it totally off my desk. Of course it had to land on a big heavy scrapbook I had leaning next to my desk on the floor. It hit the corner of it & punched a nice hole right through it. I couldn't believe it! Are you frickin kidding me or what?!?!?! After a couple hours of frustration & freaking out I pulled out a scrap of canvas & my gel medium & patched it from the back. I let it dry & filled in the seam on the front with paint. I just went over that spot really well with the paint & blended it all in. You can even see it now! I can't believe it! I was ready to rip it off the frame & maybe sew it into a bag. I'm glad I didn't start shredding it because the patch worked really well. I finished it all up & now I can go to bed tonite feeling like I really accomplished something big today :)
The three monsters painting is now available so let me know if you are interested. I'm accepting offers so just let me know what you think. The painting measures 18x24 on stretched canvas. the sides are staple free and painted black.


  1. Wow! This looks amazing! And I understand your frustration. Just the other day my cats ripped one of my paintings. I was thinking of fixing it just the way you did. Hope the gel medium holds. :)

  2. They are adorable and you did a fantastic patch job.

  3. i really love this painting!! i saw you on youtube and i went to your blog and i found this!! its soo cutee!! how much would you like it for??

  4. thanks everyone :)
    RainblowUnicorn, you caught me before I could post it on etsy. It's all yours if you like. I was posting it for $125 plus shipping but if you are saving me the $$ for not having to list it I will do it for $100 with shipping if you are in the US. Let me know what you think, Megan

  5. Yes! I'll buy it. Email me at rockpinkeycat at