Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've always been intimidated by watercolor paint. I love the look & I've always wanted to use them but they freak me out! I'm use to control. control. control. control. Watercolors don't work the same as acrylic or oil. I can make those do what I want. So.......I got brave...Pulled my paints out of the box & started. ggrrrrrrr....I threw away a lot. Then I realized it's not the paint. It's my brain. I need to let go. Colors running together, mixing & doing their thing is not a mistake. It's free! I need to free my brain & just go with it. So I stopped holding my breathe & just painted. Guess what??? I actually enjoyed myself & liked what I did! Then I pulled out my twinkling H2O paints. I bought during the summertime & never used them. Beautiful shimmering colors everywhere! Heavenly :)
These have all just been added to my etsy shop :) Check them out HERE