Friday, March 25, 2011

new paintings & videos

I've been busy catching up on posting all my new videos to youtube. I have 5 uploaded the last couple days & two more ready for tomorrow. Check them out :)
Here are photos of my two newest paintings. They both measure 16x20 on stretched canvas done in acrylics. I hope you like them! The Frida painting is my favorite & she is hanging in my livingroom right now.
My 4 year old daughter said the funniest thing last night about it.
Aidynn: Mom you messed up on that painting
Me: how did I do that?
Aidynn: you painted a mustache on her forehead
Me: Laughing my butt off!
So, the mustache forehead lady is my favorite painting I've done in awhile. I think I will keep this one :)


  1. I love your work - just amazing!
    Your daughter's comment is so cute. Little kids and their observations... :)

  2. I am so in love with your painting.....Fantastic work = )

  3. AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Huggies Angel

  4. LOVE LOVE If you ever decide to teach on-lne classes, let me know

  5. I love these works soooooo much they are gorgeous I LOVE Frida she is my inspiration and your painting of her is fabulous and I laughed out loud about her moustache! how cute!!!! I am so glad I found you on Youtube some time ago I love your work so much

  6. hahahaha. i love when my 8 year old is blunt like that with me as well. so precious!