Saturday, March 26, 2011

dr pepper, chips, pms & netflix

oooohhhh what a lazy vegetable I've been. I have the worst PMS ever so my best friends have been my constant supply of dr. pepper & a bag of chips. Sad, I know.... So, I signed up for netflix & had my son set it all up. I've done nothing but watch movies for two days. Now my head hurts & I feel totally blahhhhh...I'm just not a couch potato. I love movies & watch them often but my idea of watching movies is to have it on while I do a million other things. I mostly listen to it & glance over constantly. I must not do this another day. I'm grouchy & my paints & markers are calling to me.......fear not my sweet copics. I have not forgotten you. I will play with you all tomorrow & we will make beautiful things together. goodnight my friends

1 comment:

  1. Sounds exactly like the kind of week I've been having (plus a heating pad). :)