Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 new folk art angel paintings

My two new paintings :) I'm on a Dr. Pepper & chocolate high & apparently that is good for the creative juices! I'm very productive & feeling creative today! Making new cards tonite for ebay & a couple to post on illustratedatcs.com for trade :)
I have several swaps I've signed up for & need to get moving on. The due dates are a little ways away so I'm not too stressed about them but maybe this week I will finish them & post them here to show you all.

I've been having an idea floating around my head all day.......
Would anyone be interested in a monthly themed ATC swap hosted by me through my blog? I will post the theme & give you a few weeks to have them done & mailed to me. Then I will make a slideshow gallery of everyone's cards & then swap them out. That way everyone can see all the cards in a group. It would be limited to just the people here so I'm sure in the beginning there won't be lots of people but hopefully would grow. Any thoughts??????


  1. Hi sweetie,
    yeah I'm definatley up for that even if it ends up with just me and you !! LOL
    joan in italy

  2. awesome!!! I just posted info on the first swap & hope you will join. Just leave a comment under the post if you would like to play :)

  3. OMG..these are ADORABLE!!!

  4. Ciao Megan vieni sul mio blog ho realizzato un ricamo stitchery ispirato al tuo dipinto dell'angelo love......spero ti faccia piacere ciao Anto