Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mermaids....Mermaids....everywhere!!! ATC SWAP


Okay, I'm jumping in with a swap!
3/3 Mermaid ATC's (21/2"x31/2")
please make your cards sturdy but not too bulky
You can use any medium you like but please make quality cards.
Due date to have your cards to me is June 20
Just let me know when you are ready for my address!
I opened a new page here for swaps but haven't figured out how to change the font color so you can hardly see it under my header photo. Squint hard & hopefully you can see it. click it to see other players in the swap. Hope lots of people will decide to join :)


  1. OH OH OH...ME ME ME please....I love to get in on this....while at it can i convince you for a 1/1 about post card size/4x6 so can put on my wall....or a chunky page again...oh hell...I do pick your theme...I would love anything...surprise me....i understand if you say no....regardless I'm in for the mermaid swap!:)

  2. awesome! I will mark you down for the swap & I responded to your comment about the chunky page. I would love to trade with you. let's PM at AFA. the message system is easier than on here :) -Megan

  3. I´ll see if I can come up with some more mermaids, I´ll send them along with our trade if I can! If you don´t mind waiting a little bit longer for your cards?
    ♥ Malin

  4. Sign me up honey
    joan in italy

  5. Hellooooooooo !!
    Yes, me too please !


  6. awesome Joan & Joyce, I've added you to the list :)

  7. finished mine, I'll be posting them on my blog and FlickR tonight :-)
    Hope y'all like them....


    Megan, here is the link to the mermaids on my blog and I have also made a link from that image back to your blog here too :-) ♥

  9. Joyce I'm in love with your mermaids! They are beautiful! I'm sending you a message with my address :) thanks so much for joining the swap :)

  10. Hi Megan! =) I´m a little confused about the mesurementes for the mermaids. Because 21" is like 53cm. And what is 21/2? Is it 21.2"? If the mesurement is 21" it´s going to take more work and more time. I have a friend who´s an artist, a very good one, and he´s interested on joining the mermaid swaps as well. His name is Marcelo but he doesn´t like computers so much, I´m trying to convince him on getting an e-mail, can you believe that?
    Please let me know and sorry about this measurement thing. =)
    Thank you so much,

  11. I'm sorry I just saw this message & hope you see this in time......It's 2.5 inches by 5.4 inches & that breaks down to 56cm by 40 cm.
    hope you can still do the swap~ :)

  12. thank you so much, Megan! I understand inches too! =)