Monday, May 31, 2010

mermaid swap

It's been a busy weekend with kids & I'm wiped out!
Saturday my girls & I went to my friend Connie's birthday party. Sunday we went to my sister's house for movies & artsy fartsy stuff. (Mostly we talked, laughed & ate junk food) I did get 10 ATCs made so I guess I didn't spend the whole time eating junk! LOL
we watched Step Brothers & Death at a Funeral. Both movies crack me up!

If you signed up for the mermaid atc swap don't forget.......Deadline is June 20 & if you are over seas it could take up to a couple weeks to get here. Usually it only takes a week but you never know for sure. If your cards are going to arrive late just let me know so I can wait for them. Please email me if you don't have my address at Just send your cards with an addressed envelope for your returns & I will take care of the postage :) thanks to all that are participating it's going to be a lot of fun. When all the cards are here I will make a little video of them & post it here on the blog!


  1. So i´m in Megan!! :) many atc do i have to make?...hugs!

  2. sign me up ! Need to know size,could I do mine on shipping tags ?

  3. the swap is for 3 atcs. you can make them out of anything you like. Just make sure they are sturdy & measure 21/2x31/2. send an address envelope & I will take care of the shipping. make sure & put your name, date & where you are from on the backs of your cards so we all know who made what :) my email is let me know when you are ready to mail & I will get everyone my address. thanks for joining ladies :)

  4. Hi Megan! I love this idea of the mermaids!! Since I´ve never done atcs before, I´ll try to make them as fast as possible to get them done by june 20th. Can I make them on that gray paper that they use for chipboards? And maybe cover it with watercolor paper. One question, the three cards are to be made separetly,right? sorry I ask too many questions, but Im new at this and just want to get them right!! =)
    btw, love your videos!!

  5. they need to be seperate & you can make them on anything you like. I always use bristol cardstock, copic cardstock, museum board or a couple layers of heavy watercolor paper. It doesn't have to be cardboard or chipboard. Just let me know when you are mailing. If they don't get here by the 20th I will wait for them. Most everyone is overseas & may get here a little late. :)